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from left to right: fieser Wolf, The Mysterious Art, Background, Henne, Bert, Mr. Curly

what we do

Abyss-Connection is a group of Commodore 64 enthusiasts producing demos, games, tools and other software mainly targeted at the C64. Together we visit demoscene parties in and around Germany, and, from time to time, we participate in competitions there. We gathered some more detailed information about our group history. You may find it here on a separate page if you are interested.

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past members

A-Man, Amidi-Girl, Bon Jovi, Cascay, Copkiller, Cruise, Diabolo, Diesel, Hooper, Human, MVA, Per, Pioneer, Ragman, Reject, Scholle, Serge, Stormbringer, Tanja, The Midnight Mover, The Red Shadow, XynnM