Where to go

The party will be held in 48691 Vreden/Germany, very close to the Dutch border.


For your navigation-system:

Zum Dornbusch
Wüllener Str. 107
48691 Vreden


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The next train station is Ahaus.

These airports are closest to the party place:

Our party location is an Irish pub with a big party hall at the back. Thus, we will have a big party in the hall.

hall hall

hall pub

Sleeping at the party place

Sleeping in town

In case you prefer to sleep in a real bed, Vreden offers some hotels.

But be sure to book a room/hotel even more early, because there will be a funfair festival with 1000’s of visitors nearby at the same time.

ATTENTION, special hint for Hotel Meyerink

You want to take a shower?