Welcome to EXAC Party 2022!

Excess & Abyss-Connection Party

And now, maximum attention for the good news!

The new date for EXAC22 is fixed: 2nd to 4th September 2022! Hint for previous registered guests: The location stays the same, but be sure to book a room/hotel even more early, because there will be a funfair festival with 1000’s of visitors nearby at the same time. It’s still possible to sleep in the main hall, sleeping in a tent/car/van/caravan/camper is allowed as well. For more details, visit the location page.

We are looking so damn forward to partying with you again! Cheers, the EXAC Orgas

! We are celebrating our 30 years anniversary !

The party will take place from Friday 2.9.2022 to Sunday 4.9.2022.

This Commodore 64 party is invitation only.

Contact us at exac@abyss-connection.de


More information will follow here soonish...

Invitation EXAC Party 2022

c64 prg invitation (update for autumn party) by fieserWolF


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